Even after 40 years, Fayette County Community Action is constantly evaluating how to better serve its customers. To that end, we embarked on a restructuring or “re-engineering” effort that is designed to more comprehensively provide services. 

After much preparation geared toward working in the next century, we decided to shift our organization from a traditional to a network structure. In summary, the agency has gone from a segmented, departmentalized entity to a seamless, fluid approach via various “processes.”  

After two years of planning on how to best respond to changes in the human service field, we identified the major service processes within the agency, including: Customer Service, Property Management, Financial Management, Development and Human Resources. Through this shift in focus, we have moved away from self-sustaining departments and managers to a solid team approach.  

Some of the improvements include the creation of two Centers of  Excellence: Community Service and Family Development. Every employee is assigned to one of these two centers, which act as a professional society — the primary goal of the Centers is to develop the very best employees. Training, coaching, counseling and guidance is available though each center.  

A vital part of this re-engineering is the plethora of opportunities provided to our employees. As a professional, each employee is charged with delivering the best possible service to each and every customer — thus enhancing continual improvement of employees’ skills, tools and knowledge. The new structure is designed to empower and support every team member so that he/she can fully develop his/her professionalism and skills. The structure also provides for alternative career paths and many more opportunities to advance within the agency.