July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Frank A. Lucente, President
Joan A. Tracy, Vice President
Brent A. Filak,  Treasurer
Nikki Dantzler, Secretary


Nikki Dantzler
Mary Ann David
Ed Fike
Brent Filak
Jean Gordon
David Lohr
Frank Lucente
Jerrod Murtha
Lloyd Savage
Pat Stefano
Joan Tracy
Vince Vicites
John Wilson
Joyce Williams
Angela Zimmerlink


FCCAA’s Board of Directors is composed of between 15 and 21 members. The Board’s composition is established by law to be one/third private sector representatives, (bankers, attorneys, business and community leaders), one/third elected officials and/or their designates, and one/third community group representatives (i.e. the people we serve). This diverse mix enables the Board to view decisions from a variety of perspectives and ensure lively and helpful discussion of issues.

It takes a great deal of commitment to be a part of our Board.  Our Board members are volunteers.  Their reward is helping us to succeed, knowing that their efforts are helping those less fortunate throughout the county. So, if the opportunity arises, be sure to thank our Board members for all they have done to help us and our community.