Awards & Recognitions: 

FCCAA is a recognized national leader among Community Action Agencies. FCCAA’s efforts and accomplishments have been recognized by many state, local, and national entities. A non-inclusive overview of FCCAA’s recognized accomplishments and achievements follows.

* In 2004, FCCAA was one of two Community Action Agencies selected to receive the national Community Action Partnership 2004 Award for Excellence. This award is modeled after the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and was created to showcase Community Action Agency that demonstrate agency-wide excellence through adherence to the vision, values, and Promise of Community Action, and through responsiveness to the needs of their customers, constituencies, and the communities they serve.

* In 2008, FCCAA’s Administrative Service Center became the first Community Action Agency building to receive a Silver LEED certification. As the first Green Building project in Uniontown, the building demonstrates the use of renewable fuel and clean energy, as well as energy conservation and efficiency. 

* In 2010, FCCAA’s community development efforts were recognized when FCCAA was selected as a recipient of the Allegheny Energy Smart Growth Award for its Uniontown Family Homes development.

* In 2012, FCCAA’s sustainable communities efforts were recognized when the agency was selected as a recipient of the Community Action Partnership (CAP) Community Economic Development Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award for Community Revitalization and Investment.

* As a testament to the quality and success of FCCAA’s work, many of FCCAA’s clients have been nominated for and selected to receive the CAP Self-Sufficiency Award. This award recognizes the significant accomplishments of the award winners while showcasing what Community Action Agencies do to help people move themselves toward self?sufficiency.