RSVP Volunteer Program

Are you an adult age 55 or older? You are invited to join RSVP—the largest network of adult volunteers in Fayette County. We bring adults age 55 and older together with an ever-expanding group of nonprofits, senior centers, food pantries, libraries, arts and culture organizations, and community centers.

Through a personal matching process, we connect you to organizations and opportunities where you can apply your life experiences, skills, and interests to meet community needs and improve community life right here in Fayette County.

Where to Volunteer
RSVP has volunteer opportunities in all areas of Fayette County. You can serve in your immediate town or neighborhood, or branch out beyond your day-to-day surroundings.

You can volunteer as frequently as once a week or month, or sign up to be on-call for special projects.

Who Should Volunteer?
Anyone age 55 and older! There are no requirements to becoming a RSVP volunteer. You may be a current volunteer looking for a new and more challenging position… a recent retiree seeking to develop new interests… or an older senior who desires to socialize and connect with others.

Volunteer Protection
We provide all active RSVP members with free supplementary accident insurance that covers any personal injury that happens to a RSVP volunteer while they are on duty as an RSVP volunteer.Free personal liability insurance covers damage to another person or property while on duty as an RSVP volunteer. Free automobile liability insurance provides protection from damages occurring to another person’s vehicle if the RSVP volunteer uses their personal vehicle for Home Delivered Meals.

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Contact Us
If you're interested in signing up for RSVP, schedule an interview now or contact Magan Aston, Program Director at or at the Fayette County Community Action office via (724) 437 – 6050 ext 4276.